One-Minute Blockchain News – April 11, 2022

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·       Remember the 624 million dollars’ hack from Axie Infinity? Well, now analysists believe that this attack reveals bigger problems in how users are treated. “Con Desk”

·       A man in the state of Florida stole a Trezor wallet with a cryptocurrency fortune from an elderly man. “U Today”

·       FDIC has demanded that it banks to provide a report crypto-related activities citing potential safety risks and financial stability concerns. “Coin Desk”

·       EU has decided to ban specific digital asset services to the country. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Russia’s ministry of finance has given the revised draft law on digital currency to the parliament of this country. “Bitcoin News”

·       Binance receives crypto license in Abu Dhabi during Ramadan. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Goldman Sachs is planning to offer over the counter Ethereum options for trading. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       Canada’s Pierre Poilievre says if he’s elected prime minister he will remove taxes on Bitcoin donations to charities. “Bitcoin Magazine”

·       Musk tells Michael Burry that he will get his blue check mark back even though he shorted Tesla. “”

·       Ethereum has become a prominent treasury asset as a number of companies are known to hold the second leading crypto in their reserves. “Bitcoin News”

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