BattlefieldFC Presale

The BattlefieldFC token sale will take place in three rounds. 400 million tokens are scheduled for sale during the first round, Presale 1. 100 million tokens are allocated for Presale 2, and 100 million tokens for the final sale round. The remainder of the generated tokens will be reserved for the Foundation’s endowment for later use. BattlefieldFC will pursue a strategy to continuously expand operations, business development and R&D to create a technology platform that supports the sports industry and a healthy culture for sports.

Presale fundraising will be to support the development and operations of the business before the main network launches. The token sale allows for an initial 33% of the total token supply to circulate in the market with a vesting period of five months for all three stages of token sale.

BattlefieldFC has strategically allocated tokens for wider distribution following the network launch, and tokens will be restricted until then by the lockup period (vesting period). 

At the time on network launch, the tokens will be distributed to token sale participants, and those reserved for the Foundation will be allocated in the following way, totaling 1.8 billion tokens.

  • 600 million for token sale participants
  • 250 million for continuing technology development and operations
  • 50 million for marketing
  • 300 million for strategic partners
  • 100 million for BattlefieldFC user rewards
  • 500 million for team, founders, advisors and seed round investors

Battlefield FC starts the second chapter with the start of Wanderlei Silva the legend of MMA, promoted as the honorary ambassador of Battlefield FC. 

Battlefield FC, established by Lee Yong-woo, a former martial arts player, held his first competition at the 2017 Olympic Park Olympic Hall. ONE Championship middleweight champion Igor Savrid, and early strike force bantamweight champion Sarah Kuffman. Ben Henderson, who is based in the UFC and Bellatore in Korea, and Chris Bisog, a “warrior”, has also been a public relations ambassador. 

Battlefield FC will host Battlefield FC’s second tournament in July at Macao and the formal mixed martial artist Silva will play a major role as a Battlefield FC public relations ambassador.

Lee Yong-woo, the founder, said in an interview with SpoTV News on April 12, “the second battlefield competition will take place on July 27th in Macao.” 2019 Battlefield FC will take place in Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel Cotai Central Kashgar Grand Ballroom. Battlefield FC’s first competition was held on March 18, 2017 at the Seoul Olympic Hall hence bringing more excitement to the Macao Match. Lee Yong-woo, the founder of Battlefield FC, was determined to make Battlefield FC an international martial arts competition. “I want to change the paradigm of the existing mixed martial arts sports industry to an innovative structure,” he said with determination.

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