The New World Order though the Doors of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

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The Persian poet Saadi’s words, “Bani Adam A’za-ye Yek Peikarand,” or “All human beings are members of one frame,” seem more relevant than ever as we stand on the cusp of a technological revolution. This exploration delves into the exciting and somewhat intimidating matrix that artificial intelligence and quantum computing are weaving around our contemporary world.

Imagine living in a society where barriers are eliminated and opportunities, ideas, and resources are all freely exchanged. Imagine a life where your access to capital isn’t a constraint on how much money you can make. This isn’t a fantasy; it’s the future that artificial intelligence and quantum computing are reshaping.

Building a new global order where prosperity is a possibility for everyone while demolishing old structures is what they are doing. This alluring image, though, has a secret poison in it. Increasing societal double standards is a possibility as this brave new world emerges. The matrix we’re traveling through is an intricate web. It is woven with the seeds of innovation, but if we aren’t watchful, it could also entangle us in the thorns of injustice.

The wealthy are in a position to benefit most from these technological advancements, while those in need may be left behind or left behind in the dark. If left unchecked, quantum and AI technologies might turn into mirrors that reflect and amplify current social biases.

Saadi’s age-old wisdom may hold the key to avoiding these pitfalls. His words serve as an effective reminder of our interconnectedness. If one area of society suffers, it has an impact on the whole system.

With this philosophy deeply ingrained in our minds, we must make sure that quantum computing and AI serve as unifying rather than dividing forces. We play a part in this amazing new era, not just as observers.

With its incredible capacity for problem-solving, quantum computing is enabling us to address urgent issues like global logistics, healthcare, and climate change. However, the success of our solutions depends on our ability to make sure that everyone in society benefits from them.

A delicate balancing act between vigilance and vision is necessary to navigate this transformative era. We must be careful to channel the powerful forces of AI and quantum computing toward the collective uplift of humanity, not just the elevation of a select few.

The words of Saadi, “Bani Adam A’za-ye Yek Peikarand,” must be repeated as we embark on this exciting future. We must watch out to prevent the prosperity of some from amplifying the suffering of others since we are all part of the same body. If we live by this guiding principle, we can unlock the complex code of modernity and pave the way for a future that is not only highly technological but also profoundly humane. 

Author: Pooyan Ghamari, Swiss Economist and Specialist in Blockchain Technology

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