First Telecom-backed ICO Launching April 15, 2019

First Telecom-backed ICO Launching April 15, 2019

Token Sale Funds Quanta Networks Mission to Solve Global Telecom Security Issue

Toronto, Ontario: Quanta Networks, a Blockchain compliant mobile telecommunication network, is launching its Ethereum based ERC20 Utility Token on April 15, 2019.

The QN Utility Token sale will publicly launch 15th April, 2019. This ICO is following a successful private sale period that ended 31st March, 2019, and will continue until September 30, 2019. The price is set at 0.70USD/token.

The token sale will fund the continuing global expansion of Quanta Networks. Token subscribers will be able to buy Quanta Networks mobile services globally.

Quanta Networks has created the first fully decentralized Blockchain compliant communications system. It is compatible and interoperable with legacy communications technologies (IPv4/IPv6), is programmable and capable of seamlessly integrating with specialized networking applications as well as future networking technologies.

“The Quanta Network gives mobile subscribers affordable, unlimited, global data” said Marc Hurst, President & Managing Director of Quanta Networks Inc. “This means, one price, anywhere, totally secure.”

Telecommunication insiders are showing a great deal of interest in the Quanta Networks Project with several global telecommunications partnerships expected to be announced in the coming months.

Quanta Networks offers global security and privacy for personal and commercial transactions. The security restricts the ability for unwanted callers, messages, emails and location services to intrude upon your privacy.

Quanta Networks is a telecommunication company based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2017, the company’s mission is to solve global telecom security and data issues affecting five billion mobile users worldwide.

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