Formula 1 to Offer Crypto Exchange Services

·       In an announcement made by the Russian Central Bank, crypto fraudsters open offices to lure more investors in-person. “Bitcoin News”

·       The Central Bank of Brazil selected Itau, one of the biggest banks in the country, to build a decentralized finance solution that includes a Stablecoin pegged to the real. “Bitcoin News”

·       Mendoza, an Argentinian province with more than 2 million inhabitants, has enabled the payment of taxes using cryptocurrency. “Coin Desk”

·       Bitbase, a Spain-based cryptocurrency ATM and store company, is preparing to launch operations in Venezuela. “Bitcoin News”

·       Formula One also plans to offer crypto exchange services. “U Today”

·       Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort has warned the public about gambling in low-cap crypto assets. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Bitcoin network’s hash rate and difficulty are both increasing. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Robert Kiyosaki says all markets are crashing, specifically real estate, stocks, and Bitcoin. “Bitcoin News”

·       Satoshi-era wallets return to life, one of them shifted 96 million dollars in Bitcoin. “U Today”

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