One-Minute Blockchain News – April 25, 2022

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·       Terra USD has become the third largest Stablecoin in the market. Of course it is linked to the US dollar, but some say this could be its weakness. “Coin Desk”

·       Do you know the best country for cryptocurrencies? Germany has ranked first as the most crypto-friendly country. “Coin Telegraph”

·       There are certain signs that Cardano may face reversal in the future. “U Today”

·       Elon Musk wants to see more merchants accepting Dogecoin. “U Today”

·       Emanuel Macron has once again been elected as the French president, after a campaign in which web3 proved to be a non-issue. “Coin Desk”

·       Ripple’s general counsel expects that the resolution will be achieved in 2023. “U Today”

·       A total of 287 million Shiba have been sent to dead wallets. “U Today”

·       The chief of IMF has said that India is on the frontline of digital currencies. “Bitcoin News”

·       New York senator introduces bill to establish certain offenses relating to crypto frauds. “Coin Telegraph”

·       By establishing a presence in the Metaverse, the two carmakers join their European counterparts Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz in making use of the technology. “Bitcoin News”

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