Crema Finance Offers 1.6 Million Dollars to Hacker

·       As NFT-DeFi bridge already offers users NFT-backed loans, the Cardano flexibility reaches higher levels. “U Today”

·       Following a huge leak of personal data containing the information of 1 billion Chinese citizens, China’s cabinet stressed the need to bolster information security. “Bloomberg”

·       US federal government employees who own as little as 100 dollars in crypto are now banned from working on policy or regulation concerning digital assets. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Account holders at now-bankrupt Voyager shouldn’t expect to get all their crypto back. “Bloomberg”

·       Elon Musk’s Boring Company will accept Dogecoin for rides on its Las Vegas transit system. “Bitcoin News”

·       The bank of England is unlikely to offer a digital form of the pound that works like banknotes. “Bloomberg”

·       Crema Finance agreed to pay 1.6 million dollars’ worth of crypto to the hacker. “U Today”

·       Research has shown there is 140 billion dollars ready to be deployed into the crypto market. “Forbes”

·       The Game Storm has entered into a partnership with Ready Games in order to develop Web 3 games. “U Today”

·       Bitstamp scraps plans to charge a 10 Euro fee against inactive users, following heavy criticism. “Coin Telegraph”

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