Hundreds of Lawsuits Might Be Filed against Solana

·       The mining farm known as the Marathon now holds 10,055 BTC worth more than 210 million dollars. “Bitcoin Magazine”

·       Members of the Russian parliament suggest Russia should organize crypto trading at the Moscow Exchange. “Bitcoin News”

·       According to Binance founder, the African continent is primed for crypto and Blockchain technology adoption. “Bitcoin News”

·       Crypto owners are far more bullish and optimistic about the crypto market than the average people, according to new report. “Coin Telegraph”

·       DeFi giant Aave is proposing to launch its very own Stablecoin dubbed GHO. “Coin Telegraph”

·       While some worry that Celsius may be planning to dump a huge stack of its wBTC, others see it as a hopeful sign. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The number of non-zero wallets that hold more than 0.01 ETH has reached a new all-time high. “U Today”

·       The founder of Crypto Law predicts dozens or hundreds of class actions might be filed against Solana. “U Today”

·       Shiba has become a payment method on the Dripto online marketplace. “U Today”

·       Binance has been granted registration as a virtual asset services provider in Spain. “Coin Desk”

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