Huobi Wants to Start Operations in US

·       The market is still consumed by fear as Bitcoin fear and greed index rises to 18 – still at extreme fear.

·       According to reports a hacker claims to have stolen the personal data of a billion Chinese citizens and is selling it for 10 Bitcoins. “Bitcoin News”

·       The CEO of Binance claims that he hasn’t sold his Bitcoin and Binance Coin holdings. “U Today”

·       Korea and US agree to share investigation data on Terra. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Crypto tax deters 83% of Indian investors from crypto trading. “Coin Telegraph”

·       85% of merchants see crypto payments as a way to reach new customers. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Voyager Digital files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. “AMB Crypto”

·       Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta will only hire 6,000 to 7,000 engineers this year, lowered from previously stated 10,000. “Bitcoin News”

·       Crypto exchange Huobi says it’s on the path toward opening crypto exchange in the US. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Numerous ETH indicators show that this cryptocurrency is ready for a reversal. “U Today”

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