Crypto Spotlight 48: Formosa Financial, AltLending & Docademic

The ICO market has slowed, but crypto projects continue to move forward. That’s because nothing can stop blockchain from blockchaining. Smart people around the world are working on providing solutions to real problems, and we love welcoming them to the show to discuss what they are working on.
Today you’ll meet some more of these smart people, and you’ll be smarter because you listened. If that’s not the best reason to spend time with us, I don’t know what it is.
It’s a sponsored Crypto Spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Formosa Financial aims to solve three main current market needs for holders of substantial digital assets: digital and fiat asset custody, treasury management, and payment services. Through Formosa Financial’s integrated platform users will be able to access multiple exchanges, alternative liquidity sources, and marketplace services through a single interface. Formosa Financial also has partnered with top institutional custody providers and regulated financial institutions to minimize clients’ counterparty risk. With one account, users can save time and money by managing and maintaining various account balances on a single platform, and also by reducing duplicative KYC processes associated with establishing different accounts.

Alt Lending is an institutional lending platform that makes U.S. Dollar loans secured by existing blockchain assets of their borrowers (initially BTC and ETH.) The core team is comprised of veterans that have successfully built technology startups, worked at large financial institutions, built and operated strong compliance and regulatory programs and transacted in over a $1 billion in direct principal investments. Alt Lending builds on Dominion Capital’s and its teams’ experience in originating and managing loans, conducting risk management, setting up best practices, and helping businesses scale.

Docademic is the only healthcare service platform that provides free basic healthcare through live video calls. Docademic is creating a global, decentralized healthcare system powered by the world’s largest public healthcare blockchain that will use public health data insights to improve healthcare for all of humanity. Unlike other blockchain healthcare or telemedicine companies, Docademic combines artificial intelligence (A.I.) and blockchain technologies with human doctors to provide free basic healthcare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Docademic is used in over 20 countries and is rapidly expanding across the globe.


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