Crypto Spotlight 047: Encrypgen & FreeCash

Right now, someone is building a better blockchain. Right now, someone is coding something revolutionary that will disrupt an entire industry. Right now, crypto is moving into the mainstream. It might not feel like it, because it’s been a tough year as far as prices are concerned.

But step-by-step, inch-by-inch, moment-by-moment, the blockchain world is moving forward. It’s a technology juggernaut that won’t be stopped.

Today, we’re pleased to feature companies that intend to be a significant part of this revolution. You won’t want to miss a moment. And you’ll be glad you listened to this sponsored Crypto Spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.


EncrypGen‘s Gene-Chain is the first genomic data marketplace powered by blockchain. Our DNA token, which is already widely available on exchanges, powers the transactions for genomic data, and helps to provide privacy through de-identification as well as an audit trail for transactions. Our database is up and running, with people who have done consumer genetic testing already uploading their data and having it indexed for searching. By the end of September, the market will conduct its first full transaction, a sale of genomic data using DNA tokens. We started in December of 2016, and will complete the product as described on our roadmap before the end of 2018, ahead of schedule at every milestone.

FreeCash is an online casino that does not allow anyone to deposit any cash or crypto, but instead allows players to use cryptocurrency mining to generate gaming credit. Players can then freely gamble their gaming credit to amass fortunes!

We are working with world leading gaming provider Twelve40 to provide industry leading games to players – but for free!

The FreeCash Online Casino plugs directly into the FreeCash Mining Pool – providing the most user friendly mining interface ever. Specifically designed to allow non-crypto users to join and access the ecosystem without requiring them to understand what mining is, or how to set up a rig up, players can simply access our gaming website and get started.

The gas of the platform is the PRIZE token- an advertising and in-app purchase utility token.

Players cash out of games with the PRIZE token, and can use it to exchange for rewards from advertisers, like gold, cars, or other products and services. Alternatively they can transfer the PRIZE token to their own wallets and convert it to other crypto currencies.


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