Android App of BTC6X Is Published on Google Play

Following the publication of BTC6X crypto exchange application on Google Play, users can now download this app and enjoy the services offered by the digital currency trading platform on their phones.

You can get this app on Google Play and get quick and easy access to one of the most sophisticated trading platforms. BTC6X offers some of the best features to facilitate a proper trading platform for all novice and professional traders.

There are many features that make this exchange truly stand out, such as low trade fees, exclusive exchange coin B6X which is a great way for investment, numerous crypto pairs enabling users to quickly trade different digital currencies, high safety and security with 2FA and other measures, powerful servers for analysis, great technical team, responsive support team, among many others.

For instance, one of the most salient and prominent of these features is the airdrop program. With the airdrop program of BTC6X you can get 10,000 free BTCX tokens after registration, which are worth 1,000 dollars.

The aim of this airdrop is to create a business club and community of real users. These tokens will give a lot of utilities to community members to empower them.

The first series of utilities will be given to users after 50,000 user registrations. Airdrop token rewards will be lowered after 200,000 user registrations. The ultimate aim is to create a community with 1 million users. Both the community and the platform itself will help and empower each other to improve and move ahead.

But what is exactly valuable about these tokens? Well, these tokens are the tokens of the exchange itself. This is exactly what makes them extremely valuable. There is an establishment behind these tokens, which makes them even more valuable and a good way to invest, since their value could only increase as the exchange develops even further.

So, you can use this chance and get as much as 10 thousand free BTCX tokens only by registering in the BTC6X exchange.

Additionally, there is the referral program with which you can benefit greatly. Just give your referral link to others and you will receive 5 to 15 percent of the fees from all the trades that new users who registered with your referral link complete.

And more importantly, these rewards for the referral program are in the form of B6X coins, which are the valuable coins of the BTC6X exchange itself. Also, for every 1000 real users you invite, you will receive 200 dollars in Counos X.

Other than that more rewards will be given based on your activity and how many real users you have attracted to the website. These rewards will be calculated and given manually at the end of each month.

It is very important to invite real individuals and no fake registrations with fake accounts. If too many fake accounts registers with your referral link. It will no longer count and you will not receive any reward. We are looking for real people to build up a community of true crypto enthusiasts. We are not looking for a fake community.

Of course, the mobile phone applications are always preferable when it comes to various crypto and Blockchain platforms and companies. Since, you can manage your day to day or large scale finances with ease and high speed on the go with your phone or any other digital device.

So, head over to Google Play and get this app to have all of these features at the tip of your fingers on any Android device.

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