BIG Luv: First Charity on Blockchain

John McAfee told us that those who are looking at cryptos as an investment only are missing out on the promise of blockchain. We tend to agree.  And so does Marco Robinson, the founder of Big Luv, the first charity on blockchain.

The United States Congress has surprising statements about cryptocurrencies. Asia is leading the way when it comes to tokens.  And Google says no more crypto-related ads.

I’m in a 60’s kind of mood, so welcome to the “I saw her on a monday and my heart stood still da do ron ron” episode #103 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.


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FEATURE: Big LUV (Sponsored Segment)

The first charity on a blockchain. TOTALLY DISRUPTIVE AND REVOLUTIONARY;

Recent events in the Charity Industry such as the OXFAM scandal of people’s donations used to buy prostitutes, the CEO of UNICEF resigning, by admitting he was sexually abusing staff and he was doing the same in his previous job at save the children has proven charity is the most abused industry in the world, bar none..

You don’t know where your money is going, you don’t know if any of it reaches the true victims, you don’t even know what if any, it is spent on!

So you have COMPLETE invisibility because the truth is money is pumped into a huge organisation moved around and drips come out at the other end, bottom line there are 1.6 billion people without adequate housing, millions are sleeping rough, millions are children, noone gives a shit, because everyone believes charity is helping and it is not.

I started this when I started filming my prime time TV SHOW in the UK on Channel 4 “GET A HOUSE FOR FREE”. I AM THE FIRST PERSON IN THE WORLD TO GIVE HOUSES AWAY PAY THE MORTGAGE OFF AND REHOUSE THE HOMELESS, I gave three houses away on this tv show and now BIGLUV enables homlessness to be made obsolete, it is a token, you can buy and use it to send meals, room nights, and even business opportunities and even house loans from as low as $5,000…YES WE CAN REHOUSE everyone, because this time the donator benefits aswell and you can see who you are helping visually on our app transforming their lives! EXTREMELY POWERFUL and fully secure! no middle men no perverts only direct HELP…

Check them out at:

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