One-Minute Blockchain News – April 5, 2022

·        Privacy may be moving down the priority list as the EU plans its digital Euro, and experts worry some design features could make it harder to achieve. “Coin Desk”

·        Indonesia has decided to tax crypto income at 0.1 percent. “Bitcoin News”

·        Australians will soon have the option to pay for fuel using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “Coin Telegraph”

·        Cardano holders with up to 100,000 coins now own their all-time high of 16.8 percent of the available supply. “U Today”

·        Crypto owners double in India as Coinbase plans to invest in Indian crypto initiatives. “Coin Telegraph”

·        A lawsuit against Binance accusing the cryptocurrency exchange of selling unregistered crypto securities has been dismissed. “Bitcoin News”

·        UK’s finance ministry is amending its regulatory framework to include Stablecoins as a means of payment. “Coin Telegraph”

·        Intel has announced a new Bitcoin mining chip that is capable of competing with the best-performing ASICs on the market. “U Today”

·        UK chancellor Rishi Sunak has directed the state-owned Royal Mint to create an NFT. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·        A hacker moved some of the roughly $600 million in cryptocurrency stolen from the Axie Infinity platform to a service that helps users mask transactions. “Bloomberg Crypto”

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