Yahoo and Meta have both announced Metaverse projects

·       In order to attract the skilled and the talented, Ripple has organized a big recruiting event in Toronto. “U Today”

·       In the midst of international sanctions, Russian Export Center considers implementing crypto payments. “Bitcoin News”

·       Yahoo and Meta have both announced Metaverse projects for the residents of Hong Kong. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Ethereum has dropped 25 percent so far in June, and its price has declined 77 percent since November 2021. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Despite issues with Elon Musk acquiring Twitter, his backers, like Binance CEO are ready to take the deal further. “U Today”

·       Famous singer Gene Simmons says he holds Litecoin and 13 other crypto. “U Today”

·       Peter Schiff claims that Bitcoin and Ethereum came very close to the levels he predicted for them. “U Today”

·       USDC issuer is launching a euro-backed Stablecoin called the Euro Coin. “Coin Desk”

·       Inverse Finance DeFi protocol attacked, with 1.26 million dollars in Ethereum stolen. “U Today”

·       The UK’s digital minister reiterates the government’s ambition is to make Britain a global crypto hub. “Bloomberg”

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