2nd E-Book of Articles & Essays by Pooyan Ghamari

The 2nd volume of e-book by Pooyan Ghamari Blockchain visionary has been published and it is ready for download.

Here is a list of essays on articles in this E-book:

  • Holding Large Scale Elections with Blockchain

  • Crypto Market Manipulations and the Reasons Behind Heavy Price Volatilities

  • A Future Based on Blockchain: Counos Certificate System

  • Stablecoins Can Replace the Banking System in the Future

  • The Horizon of a New Economic Paradigm for Transferring Value

  • Crypto Market: Yet Another Scheme Being Manipulated by Few?

  • A Gold-Based Banking System; The Solution to Modern Global Financial Crises

  • Cryptocurrencies as Banks: The Reason Why Bitcoin Might Fall to $4,000

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