CRYPTOSPACEGAME is a classic family-friendly economic strategy board game about cryptocurrency. Players trade or mine cryptocurrency and control their crypto altfolios (cryptocurrencies wallets) looking to achieve the most awesome assets in a competition for victory points. 

Los Angeles, CA, November 26, 2021  RUJU1978® is proud to announce a brand-new classic strategy board game CRYPTOSPACEGAME that brings a totally different perspective to cryptocurrency.

This game allows players to control an intrepid team of cryptocurrency miners who want to achieve their dreams of learning about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology within a year of playing time.

Players can make this dream a reality by following exchange rates, devising clever strategies for transfer of money. With the right strategy, players can multiply their earnings and get to the top spot. 

The game has an advantage over other cryptocurrency games as players do not need prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies to play. 

With this game, players can control their cryptocurrency portfolio; this allows them to get the best assets in a competition as a reward for winning games.

The CRYPTOSPACEGAME will be launching on Kickstarter in a few days from now, and the creators and the cryptocurrency space are excited about this.

This game is a family-friendly economic strategy game that introduces players to the cryptocurrency market and, to a lesser extent, blockchain technologies. 

Managing cryptocurrency portfolios is an essential aspect of the game, and the creators believe that using real names and logos would make it a more educational and immersive experience.

To play the CRYPTOSPACEGAME, players have to bear three phases in mind, which are

  • Events
  • Mining
  • End of Turn

Events: In this phase, a player will draw out a single event card and read its contents aloud. The effect of what is being read from the card lasts that turn. Other players have to proceed in accordance with the event card. This is done by adjusting the exchange rates, receiving or losing points, adjusting the mining rig if the card tells them to, and other directions the card might give. Upon completion of the player’s turn, the card is returned to the event deck.

Mining: This has some peculiarities with real-life mining of cryptocurrencies. Players need mining rigs. However, the game can be started without a mining rig. These rig cards are placed face-up on the main game board. This enables players to see the cost of the mining rig cards.

Players have three options: Buying a rig, Renting a rig, or totally Abstaining from getting a rig.

More updates on the mining process can be found in the rule book provided on the CRYPTOSPACEGAME website.

End of Turn: This involves buying dreams and adjusting exchange rates. Each player draws out a single dream card. These dream cards cost fiats that players have to pay. 

In addition to the gameplay of the CRYPTOSPACEGAME, it has some features that players would find interesting.

The game weighs 2.9 pounds. This means it would be easy to handle by children and adults.

It has an item dimension of  L×W×H: 10.4 × 10.4 × 2.5 inches. It is suitable for ages 12 and above. The CRYPTOSPACEGAME can accommodate a minimum of two to a maximum of six players. The average playing time of the game is Sixty minutes.

Contents of the box:

  • Main Game Board
  • Exchange Rate Board
  • Six personal Altfolio Boards
  • Fifty-Two Dream cards
  • Twenty Six Event cards
  • Twelve Rig cards (Six GPU, six asic)
  • Six player tokens
  • Seven marker tokens
  • Three plain 6-sided dice
  • Pickaxe token
  • Clock token
  • Rulebook
  • Coins (in-game universal currency)

The goal of the CRYPTOSPACEGAME is to educate players on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. As stated earlier, players need no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that players can achieve their dream of knowing all there is to know about cryptocurrencies within one year of playing the CRYPTOSPACEGAME.  

With that goal in mind, RUJU1978® created the CRYPTOSPACEGAME due to its excitement about the creative potential of Decentralization and Blockchain technology. The CRYPTOSPACEGAME is expected to bring families together and help educate many individuals, and families about the limitless possibilities of Blockchain technology as studies have shown that only a tiny percentage of the world’s population has a full grasp of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. CRYPTOSPACEGAME is indeed the future of education!

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