Spain to Dedicate $4 Million to Metaverse Projects

·       A previous central intelligence agency analyst warns about North Korean hackers getting smarter and more sophisticated. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Following the crash of Terra platform Europe’s stance on crypto is getting more brutal with DeFi, PoW, and Stablecoins. “U Today”

·       The price of crypto mining hardware will likely continue to drop. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Spain has announced it will dedicate 4 million dollars to Metaverse projects. “Bitcoin News”

·       Cardano’s ADA payments now accessible to 7 million businesses. “U Today”

·       The FSB is working to ensure that crypto assets are subject to robust regulation and supervision. “Bitcoin News”

·       South Korean giant SK Telecom is teaming up with Blockchain companies to launch a new web 3 wallet. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Nearly all large scale Bitcoin miners in Texas are shutting off getting close to the peak of power use due to summer heat. “Bloomberg”

·       New survey shows that the majority of nearly 1,000 investors expect the price of Bitcoin to fall to 10 thousand dollars. “Bitcoin News”

·       More than 48 crypto projects have migrated to Polygon following the crash of Terra network. “Coin Telegraph”

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