Singapore to Change Crypto Regulations Soon

·       Singapore is intensifying its scrutiny of crypto-related firms in the city-state ahead of planned regulatory changes, according to a source. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       Despite the lower prices, Bitcoin’s hash rate has jumped significantly in recent times and block intervals have sped up a great deal. “Bitcoin News”

·       In gender terms, the report found out of South Africa’s 4 million crypto owners, men account for 65 percent. “Bitcoin News”

·       Vitalik Buterin has tweeted about censorship resistance. “U Today”

·       According to data, about 17 percent of all the nodes in the Ethereum network are hosted by this company. “U Today”

·       You’ve likely experienced the dystopian push in your own life, as banks and financial institutions, demand more and more sensitive and personal info. “Bitcoin News”

·       14 million dollars in crypto turned down by a Doge co-creator offered to him to promote Dogechain. “U Today”

·       Celsius: the firm’s bankruptcy filing has revealed several complexities in its operations. “Coin Telegraph”

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