One-Minute Blockchain News – June 5, 2022

·       Cardano rose by 6% as whale transaction volumes on ADA went up. “U Today”

·       According to the new bill that was passed by the state senate, Bitcoin mining might be restricted in NY. “U Today”

·       Ethereum’s hash rate has reached an all-time high with 132 peta hash per second. “Bitcoin News”

·       India’s central bank has said that CBDCs could further reduce the trust in cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin News”

·       Bitcoin demonstrates all the familiar trends of a bear market. “U Today”

·       Solana Blockchain network is back again after a 4-hour outage due to a software glitch. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       Baby Doge community has voted for burning 50 quadrillion tokens. “U Today”

·       Japanese lawmakers approve a bill designed to determine the legal status of Stablecoins. “Bitcoin News”

·       Spanish central bank has warned about the risks of mixing crypto market with traditional financial market. “Bitcoin News”

·       Russian state-owned corporation Rostec builds Blockchain-based alternative to SWIFT. “Bitcoin News”

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