One-Minute Blockchain News – April 16, 2022

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·       Elon Musk has offered to purchase Twitter, and the founder of Dogecoin has criticized this move. “U Today”

·       Robinhood chief executive officer has made some remarks about Dogecoin being the future of currency of the internet on Twitter. “Bitcoin News”

·       Amazon believes that NFTs will continue to grow very significantly. “Bitcoin News”

·       Dogecoin increases on Musk’s offer to buy Twitter. “U Today”

·       Former Ripple board member has been tapped by Biden administration to oversee top financial firms. “U Today”

·       Binance is going to offer support in Turkish, and it will be provided through its mobile app. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The bank of Canada starts simulating crypto adoption with the help of quantum science. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The CEO of Binance was in Paris this week and explained how local governments are accelerating crypto’s adoption. “Coin Telegraph”

·       A research has shown that more than 5 percent of Australians, which means more than 1 million adults, own at least one cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin News”

·       Crypto exchanges lost almost 2 billion dollars’ worth of Bitcoin in the last 24 hours. “U Today”

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