One-Minute Blockchain News – April 15, 2022

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·       More than 110 million dollars have been moved to anonymous wallets during the last 11 days by the hacker of Ronin network. “U Today”

·       Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum has gotten a Montenegrin passport. “Bitcoin News”

·       The hacker group Lazarus, which has been linked to North Korean hacking collectives, has pulled off one of the biggest cryptocurrency hacks in history. “U Today”

·       Crypto Punk pixelated avatar has been sold for a whopping 3.2 million dollars. “U Today”

·       China once again takes aim at crypto, this time looking towards NFTs. Multiple government offices are warning consumers about the risk of NFTs. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Japan’s largest social media app, LINE has launched its own NFT marketplace to offer 40,000 NFTs to its 90 million users. “Coin Telegraph”

·       It seems that Amazon has no plans to adopt cryptocurrencies, but he does not want to dismiss them either. “U Today”

·       Solana and Cardano among top 10 projects in active development. “U Today”

·       Why Ethereum may touch sub $3000 levels amid delay in the Merge upgrade. “ABC Crypto”

·       Central banks have their hands full with soaring inflation. But their toughest challenge longer term might just be digital currencies. “Bloomberg Crypto”

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