Build Your Virtual Real Estate Empire with OUSE Token

Los Angeles It’s one of the world’s most famous cities, filled with wealthy celebrities and unmistakable landmarks. For millions of people around the world, it’s the ultimate destination. A place where excitement waits around every corner and dreams come true. But for most people, the LA scene has been decidedly out of reach.

That’s where OUSE comes in with their fictional metaverse play based on the Los Angeles plot map.

The OUSE Platform is being built by a team of experienced LA natives including Realtors, artistic designers, and an outsourced development team led by Canadian based high-end web designer Karl Tomback. Also known for Porsche Canada, Audi, Universal Record and Hard Rock Casino.

At the head of the ship is Tai Savet, a LA-based realtor and television producer best known for producing and starring in VH1’s hit show Love & Listings. OUSE’s goal is to become the metaverse’s premier celebrity driven NFT marketplace. Tai Savet is also owner of Agents of LA, a luxury real estate company with many high profile clients like YG, Omarian, Ray j, Jhene Aiko, and more!

The team behind OUSE intends on creating a fictionalized metaverse based on the Los Angeles’s plot map. Representations of famous neighborhoods complete with celebrity inspired NFT real estate will be available.

This metaverse should make it possible for everyone to live the good life! Opportunities will exist to live next door to celebrities, name streets and attend exclusive events. Once complete, the OUSE Platform will allow users to visit their virtual home – and the homes of others – using either mobile technology or the most popular VR headsets.

With OUSE, you won’t just be able to take a virtual stroll through celebrity inspired neighborhoods like OUSEwood and OUSEAir. You’ll be able to build your own OUSE properties based on predefined designs. Or, have custom homes created by our designers. Celebrity real estate agents will facilitate the purchase of NFT plots in exclusive OUSE neighborhoods.

OUSE has a real world counterpart, Ouse Inc, the first real estate brokerage licensed by the State of California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to also enter the fiction metaverse space.

Once established, the OUSE Platform will feature celebrity-owned NFT homes throughout its proprietary metaverse. Players will be able to buy homes in those same communities, perhaps moving in next door to their favorite television and film stars or musicians. In addition, it will be possible for users to build new homes on vacant digital space, remodel existing homes, and develop detailed exteriors and interiors. They’ll even be able to bid on street names so they can leave their unique mark on OUSE’s digital world.

All transactions within the OUSE Platform will use the OUSE Token to buy and sell 3D NFT real estate within OUSE’s Web3 marketplace, mobile platform and metaverse. OUSE Token, the meme token designed to one day be used on the OUSE Platform is based on BEP20 and runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has already reached a $149 million market cap in a little over a week. And when it officially launches on PancakeSwap on December 15, that value is certain to go even higher.

Thanks to the OUSE Platform and its soon-to-be-released app, users will finally be able to experience the excitement of a Los Angeles inspired metaverse without leaving their homes.

Anyone who’s interested in migrating to this fictionalized digital representation of LA should consider purchasing OUSE tokens once it’s officially launched on December, 15th, 2022. Token holders will get access to all of the incredible benefits of OUSE when the full platform is released.

Visit OUSE Token’s website to learn more.

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