Thunderbrawl| The future of the Play-to-Earn Games

Play-to-earn crypto/NFTs games are the future of gaming. This model is the latest addition to the crypto world which have taken over the whole crypto market like a storm. Now players can play video games and monetize their time by earning NFTs and crypto as rewards. As the play to earn games are rising in popularity, this is where the THUNDER BRAWL Game come into the picture. THUNDER BRAWL game is the future of Play-to-Earn games in the crypto world which means you can just play games in your free time and make some side income while also having fun.


Thunder Brawl is a fully decentralized game based on the story of an original Korean webtoon, Sindorim. Each character of the game can be controlled directly which enables the players to enjoy all the unique skills and actions of every character. The game is about the journey of fighters on a quest that keeps fighting bad guys, learning new skills and climbing up the ranks. The game starts in the city of Sindorim and the player’s main task is to survive through all the chaos of the city and win.

The Thunder Brawl game has two token available in their system. The first one is the Thunder Brawl token $THB and the other is Thunder Power token $THP. The native token is the $THB token and the $THP token is the in-game Currency of the Thunder Brawl game. The players can stake a $THB token to earn points in the game and the in-game currency $THP token is mainly used for game rewards but in order to play the game, players need to have the $THB token in their wallet to start the game.

The players can receive points for completing tasks, quests, and daily challenges and the points can be used to mint NFTs in-game, they provide 10,000 TIGER NFTs for minting which means players can cash in the points, get an NFT card and store it in their wallet. Players should always look out for 2X multipliers for added rewards.

Thunder Brawl provides staking pools that allow multiple stakeholders to combine their resources to increase their chances of being rewarded. They have a $THB staking pool and THB/BNB staking pool and if the players stake THB/BNB they will receive x2 point reward.

Users can also breed their own NFTs, all they need is a Tiger NFT card and use breed card to breed and in return, they will receive a separate NFT card. Thunder Brawl provide more than 50,000 cards NFT cards. To breed card users need to pay both $THB  token for the breed.

Players can stake their NFTs card and get a reward with $THP tokens, user can stake tokens with their hash power from level 1 to level 60. With hash power, you will receive more rewards from staking. There is a 3% tax charge for buying but the players can benefit from just holding the $THB token because that 3% will be dividends for all the token holders.

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