Web3 More Popular Among Democrat Voters in US

·       It seems that all the doomy forecast for BTC is coming true – Bitcoin has failed to reclaim $20,000 as support. “Coin Telegraph”

·       In order to defend the Hong Kong dollar, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority or HKMA revealed it intervened in forex markets. “Bitcoin News”

·       Solana near resistance level of 35 dollars. “Bitcoin News”

·       The Web3 voter block prefers the Democratic Party in the US, a new survey shows. “U Today”

·       With 10 percent drop in price, Stellar (XLM) appears as one of the most damaged crypto assets of the week. “U Today”

·       AVAX has joined the list of cryptocurrencies that are available for trading on Robinhood platform app. “U Today”

·       A digital Euro would preserve the role of public money as the anchor of the payments system in the digital age. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The feature has been in test since May this year and will allow users in 100 countries to tag NFT creators and collectors. “Coin Telegraph”

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