Unnamed Tornado Cash Developer Arrested

·       Play two earn Blockchain game Axie Infinity has completely removed the token rewards from its classic game mode to attract users to its new game. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The central bank of Russia wants to cooperate with global central banks on cross border CBDC transactions. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Law enforcement officials in Amsterdam arrested an unnamed 29-year-old suspected of developing the Ethereum mixing application Tornado Cash. “Bitcoin News”

·       Peter Schiff doesn’t think that Bitcoin is going to reach a new high. “U Today”

·       Brazilian payment app PicPay has enabled Bitcoin and Ethereum payments. “Coin telegraph”

·       Shiba burning is not effective enough with only 394 million Shib burned in the last 5 days. “U Today”

·       Finance minister of India warns that a new law regulating crypto is coming. “U Today”

·       Australia’s securities regulator pushes for rules to protect crypto investors. “Bitcoin News”

·       Crypto exchange Hotbit says law enforcement has frozen some of its funds. “Bitcoin News”

·       ETC nears 4-month high, during volatile trading session. “Bitcoin News”

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