Shibo Announces Entry Into Crypto-Gaming With YY gaming.

YY gaming will grow over the following year to include a “make to earn” economy , allowing users can transform game material they design into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) stored on the efficient Solana blockchain. These player-generated objects will include anything from personalized avatars to bespoke party rooms and play areas, which users will be able to exchange with other residents or sell on YYgaming’s marketplace when it comes later in 2022. Solana’s computational efficiency and promise to carbon neutrality by the end of 2021 influenced Shibo’s decision to use blockchain technology.

The YY gaming nft, a set of 11,111 special NFT avatars, will be released to kick off the company. These avatars will be coined in April on a date to be disclosed in early December, and only NFT holders will have access to the planet at first.

“Owners of the YYgaming Fae avatars will be the OGs of this planet,” firm CEO Bryant Mante remarked. “YYgaming users will eventually be able to create and mint their own avatars, but this first release will always be exclusive and one-of-a-kind.”

The rapid rise of NFT sales has sparked interest in their possible use in large-scale MMO games and virtual worlds. Many of the top-selling NFT products in the last six months have touted their use in online games that the developers plan to develop with NFT profits. The YYgaming NFT release is unique in that owners will be able to take their avatars into a rich virtual environment the same day they are published, according to Shibo.

Bryant remarked, “Online communities develop up around proposals for future NFT utility that are months or years away from realization.” “We believe that everyone interested in the metaverse’s future will be ecstatic to see how far we’ve already gone with YYgaming, and how much there is already to explore on day one.”

The official launch day for the YYgaming Fae NFT mint and the world of YYgaming itself will be announced in early December at . Future citizens will be able to meet and participate in developer discussions on the YYgaming Discord server.

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