One-Minute Blockchain News – May 04, 2022

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·       One of the biggest banks in Argentina, Galicia bank now allows its customers to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple to USDC. “U Today”

·       Ken Griffin, the prominent investor and billionaire, has come to terms with the fact that other companies and individuals value cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Market experts and analysts say that Bitcoin halving hints at $24K before the end of 2022. “Coin Telegraph”

·       VanEck has announced the launch of its own non fungible token. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Major crypto exchange could have a very bad week ahead as it announced reduced rewards for its visa card holders. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The global asset management company VanEck, managing more than 85 billion dollars, is airdropping 1000 NFTs this week. “Bitcoin News”

·       Algorand becomes the official Blockchain sponsor of the 2022 FIFA world cup. “U Today”

·       The CEO of Ripple has said that Ripple-SEC case could resolve this year. “U Today”

·       1.12 billion ADA reenter market. “U Today”

·       10.6 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin has been purchased by Angel Studios. “U Today”

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