One-Minute Blockchain News – April 24, 2022

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·       In the aftermath of the 600-million-dollar hack from Axie Infinity by the North Korean hacker group, the crypto community got to work on accounts that could hide illicit activity. “Coin Telegraph”

·       XRP has seemingly formed a pattern that is very similar to a reversal rally. “U Today”

·       The central bank of Japan has stated that they intend to explore the design issues of a central bank digital currency in measured steps like Sweden. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       It is imperative for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to hire Blockchain experts and work with universities to develop a curriculum in Blockchain and Web3. “Bitcoin News”

·       46 European crypto businesses and organizations have sent a letter to 27 EU finance ministers regarding crypto regulation. “Bitcoin News”

·       Elon Musk promises to solve real problems if his bid for Twitter succeeds. “Bitcoin News”

·       This persistent whale has bought another 87 billion Shiba. “U Today”

·       The governor of Banxico reported that the CBDC of Mexico the digital peso will be complete in three years. “Bitcoin News”

·       Polygon has stated that they are pledging 100 million dollars to early Supernet users who can help fast-track adoption. “Bitcoin News”

·       Cardano’s price drops 7 percent in a week placing it in historical buying zone. “U Today”

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