Officially Launching Herobook Game Project And Announcing Strategic Partnership In The North

With the goal of expanding the scale and bringing exciting experiences to the national gaming community, Herobook held a very special big event “Herobook Game Launching Ceremony and Announcement of strategic partners in the North. ” on May 7, 2022 at Aquaria Cafe, Le Duc Tho, My Dinh 1, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. The event took place in the presence of DragonGame, SC19, Onnet, Omega and potential partners. relate to.

At the launch event, Mr. Richchard Bui – Marketing Advisor for Herobook shared about Herobook’s vision and development roadmap for the future:

“Herobook was created with the vision of becoming a metaverse that connects many Blockchain games and traditional games in the market. Each game in the ecosystem is aimed at a separate community, diversifying the number of users of the project. NFT Hero and Token are used as the standard forms of payment to connect games.

If the realities of life limit your abilities, the production team creates opportunities for you to reach your full potential. The team wants to create a world where players can unleash their creativity, thinking, discovery, and communication to join hands for a community.

The team will create a transparent, highly liquid, secure, and unlimited freedom of connection game that promises to change both the Game and finance industry in the world in the 21st century with Blockchain technology.

Herobook’s mission is to become the Metaverse that connects Blockchain games with traditional games; builds a strong ecosystem; explores it all with just the basics of NFTs; core values with unique and diverse NFT system; great experience with beautiful, entertaining graphics upgrades.”

With the desire that the cooperation will help the project reach further, it is indispensable for partners in the field of technology, funds, game communities, and strategic media partners, to provide human resources, Kols… Herobook held a cooperation signing ceremony with partners at the event.

The first is The signing ceremony of tripartite strategic cooperation between Herobook, Dragon Game, and SC19 Ventures.

? Dragon Game is one of the prominent and key technology projects of AnyTech Corporation. Formed and developed in 2021, DragonGame is positioned to become a comprehensive Ecosystem supporting Blockchain Games in the region and in the world.

? SC19 Ventures is an investment fund and news channel that updates information about the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain market.

SC19 Ventures was born to reach the pinnacle of financial freedom success, creating a strong and cohesive community.
• Become a leading investment fund in the country and in the region.
• Diversify the ecosystem with fields: Capital, Event, KOLs, Digital, Cashflow
• Bring growth value to employees and the community.

Next, Herobook signed cooperation agreements with partners:

? SHYNBI PHARMACEUTICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY – Asia-Pacific Trust Products/Services. Product SB25 of Shynbi Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is produced on modern lines and imported raw materials, is a step forward in the field of the beauty of the country, marking the cosmetics industry in particular and pharmaceutical chemistry can completely compete with foreign products.

? ONNET JOINT STOCK COMPANY is a pioneer and leading company in Vietnam in the field of Internet Marketing. Onnet provides a comprehensive solution for Marketing, where businesses fully trust their long-term development strategy.

? OMEGA GROUP is a group of 3 member companies specializing in providing total solutions for Asia’s leading Performance Marketing, in which:

• Omega Media is an agency that owns the Appa system, helping businesses grow users on the mobile app platform.
• Omega Martech is an agency providing and consulting in-depth marketing technology solutions.
• Root digital is an agency providing creative solutions, building overall strategy and creative content for marketing campaigns.

? ATMEDIA JSC is the owner of VSAC Entertainment and Tokin Agency. With an ecosystem of community resource ownership and exclusive management of many kols, models, and streamers, VSAC stands for Vietnamese Sweet Angels Club, specializing in providing entertainment service solutions for young people with a liberal lifestyle. mineral and tasteful.

Thus, “The launching ceremony of Herobook Game and Announcement of strategic partners in the North” went well. The cooperation between strategic business partners and Herobook creates opportunities for long-term development companionship, contributing to promoting the Vietnamese Blockchain game market to the world. Wish the cooperation of Herobook and other parties will be successful and create many breakthroughs in the future.

With the goal of developing the community and expanding the ecosystem to help players unleash their entertainment experiences on multiple platforms, Herobook is constantly developing and improving to gain the trust of many partners and communities’ global game.

With worthy efforts, Herobook is rated as THE BEST NFT GAME TO PLAY NOW!


☑️ Completely decentralized
☑️ Long-term liquidity lock, avoid speculation
☑️ Strong upside potential due to increased demand for owning HBG Tokens for use in ecosystems
☑️ Built on Binance Smart Chain platform with huge trading volume, super-fast transaction speed with competitive fees
☑️ Simple, attractive gameplay, diverse mission system to help players easily own HBG Token completely FREE
☑️ Extremely high liquidity
☑️ Diverse game ecosystem with 3 main games: Herobook, Heroland, Herocard
☑️ Own a large community with more than 43,000 multinational holders
☑️ Fair – launch mechanism helps protect players when participating

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