Iconic France Thomson Electronics & Licorne Holdings Bahrain JV set to storm the world with Fiat Trading and Hardware-Integrated Crypto Exchange

Cryptoxygen, The new Thomson France & Licorne Holdings Bahrain JV set to storm the world with Fiat Trading and Hardware-Integrated Crypto Exchange

Cryptoxygen, the first regulated European Cryptocurrency Exchange platform integrated in a worldwide electronics brand, announced on 8th January, 2019, that its OXY2 ICO token sale will start from January 15, 2019.

Registered in Estonia, Europe, the Company was formed as a joint venture between Stephan Francais, Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and the owner of Thomson Computing; and his partners from Licorne Gulf based in Bahrain, Irina Duisimbekova, a French Russian entrepreneur running a reputed commodities corporation; and Alexandre Katrangi, a historical Fortune 500 enterprises agent in the Middle East and Africa. Reportedly, the Cryptoxygen platform will be operational by Q4 2019, and will be directly integrated across 1M+ Thomson electronics units distributed across the world, creating a natural synergy of 1 million potential Cryptoxygen users incrementally, every year.

World’s first hardware-integrated crypto exchange

Cryptoxygen has partnered with Thomson Computers – a leading Electronics brand operating across multiple continents with a 36% market share in Europe. Under the terms of the venture, Cryptoxygen exchange and wallet will be integrated directly into Thomson-branded devices; the project, as a result, can potentially add 100,000 new users every year through the sale of Thomson products.

“…Having teamed up several years ago with Licorne Gulf based in the GCC, we, as Thomson, started our international deployment in 2017 and developed a vision of 3 phases with Licorne: the implementation and distribution of products in phase 1, the set-up of an Artificial Intelligence and Renewable Energy lab as phase 2 through the launch of a new crypto-money and our trading platform; and next would be our industrial implementation…” – commented Stephan Francais.

A fiat-based, low-cost trading platform

Conventionally, crypto exchanges trade exclusively in cryptocurrencies and don’t accept USD, EUR, GBP, for processing transactions. Since fiat-based trading requires extensive documentation and multiple licenses, most exchanges stick to cryptocurrencies – their platform users as a result, have to avail different platforms to trade from fiat to cryptocurrencies and pay gas fees for every transaction.

Built on the ERC20 infrastructure, the Cryptoxygen project enables rapid fiat-to-crypto exchange and vice versa. With a smart matching engine that beats latency limitations, Cryptoxygen claims industry-leading transaction speeds with acceptance of almost every existing cryptocurrency in the long run. Cryptoxygen platform users can further reduce their transaction fees by over 50%, when compared to other crypto token exchanges.

The Cryptoxygen Exchange & Mobile Wallet

“Cryptoxygen users can execute trades over its dedicated Mobile wallet with near-instant transaction speeds” commented Irina; “the mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, supports biometric authentication to ward off cyber attacks. Cryptoxygen wallet users can make transfers easily via a QR Code and track their transactions seamlessly on their mobile devices in real-time for the ease of our clients”.

The Cryptoxygen exchange currently offers over 23 tokens for instantaneous trading. With one of the lowest trading fees across crypto exchange platforms, Cryptoxygen’s OXY2 token is the best ICO to invest in 2019. The exchange delivers best-in-class security with features like Google 2FA – a two-step verification via OTM and HMAC-based OTP algorithm; a third party payment processor for all fiat transactions; and the conventional SMS-based authentication delivering ease of access and industry-leading security.

“The benchmark of potential locations had started early 2018 for setting up the appropriate vessel and upon the benchmark; 2 places were shortlisted” expressed Stephan, “one in the Gulf countries and the other one in Estonia”.

Tallin authorities had been absolutely friendly and offered a wide range of easy one stop shop desk where you can register your company within 3 days softly he added, and being a French company we received the total support of the French-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and its Vice-President & Founder, Mr Jean Michel Enard who immediately capted the interest to scalate this project and the alignment of Cryptoxygen vision to develop and support the local community of fintech, blockchains, IT companies and attract new startups and ventures in France and Estonia willing to team up”.

Growth Prospects

Within the next 4 years, Stephan Francais plans on leading Thomson and its JV to NASDAQ and position it as a leader in the new coupled hardware/intelligent/technology sector.

Cryptoxygen’s VP Irina announced that a significant part of the revenues from ICO and the platform would be injected into startups as direct investments dedicated to A.I. and renewable energy to support the technologies’ growth and integration with blockchain.

According to Alexandre, most startups fail under lack of financial support or access to international market – the startup would aim at offering a package and ecosystem of immediate funding coupled with instant access to buyers, consumers and subscriptions in case of service offerings.

Website: www.cryptoxygen.io

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Alexandre Katrangi – [email protected] / Irina Duisimbekova – [email protected]


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