Huobi Blacklists New Zealand from Derivatives Trading

·       Reportedly, hacks by some North Koreans includes a creative mix of plagiarized resumes, crypto hires, and theft of proprietary intel. “Bloomberg Crypto”

·       Ripple launches a new join project with SBI Remit to streamline Japan-Thailand money transfers. “U Today”

·       A United Nations trade body has recommended a set of policy actions to curb the expansion of cryptocurrencies in developing countries. “Bitcoin News”

·       JPMorgan CEO warns that the US economy could see something worse than a recession. “Bitcoin News”

·       Solana price has gained 75% since bottoming in June. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Dogecoin is the day’s sole crypto high flyer as Bitcoin faces stocks gloom. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Huobi adds New Zealand to a list of 11 locations restricted from derivatives trading. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Dogecoin could be on the cusp of another major price reversal. “U Today”

·       Well-known investors, Michael Burry liquidated 95% of his portfolio. “U Today”

·       With 158 million and 148 million respective unique addresses, Ethereum and Litecoin are lagging behind Bitcoin. “Crypto Slate”

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