FTX Might Purchase Robinhood

·       Breitling, the luxury watch manufacturer is now accepting Shiba, Bitcoin, and other cryptos. “U Today”

·       LINK has been listed by Robinhood. “U Today”

·       Shiba and Ape Coin are now eligible as payment methods via Coinbase Commerce. “U Today”

·       The Moroccan central bank has warned the citizens of that country about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin News”

·       Reportedly, US crypto owners do not rush to part with their holdings despite major market correction. “U Today”

·       Peter Schiff believes that Bitcoin whales are likely still selling. “U Today”

·       Axie Infinity has begun compensating users for the 625 million dollars of assets stolen in the cyberattack. “U Today”

·       FTX is thinking about acquiring Robinhood. “Coin Telegraph”

·       21 million dollars in funds stolen from the Harmony is now gone as the hacker has passed them through the Tornado Cash mixing service. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Institutional investors offloaded a record 423 million dollars’ worth of digital assets investments last week. “Coin Telegraph”

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