DOGE Creator Says BTC Not Progressing

·       Could there be another hegemony in the crypto market? Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Shiba held by a group of investors. “U Today”

·       BlackRock is partnering with Coinbase to make it easier for institutional investors to manage and trade Bitcoin. “Bloomberg”

·       Numerous exchanges are already offering Ethereum alternative for those who aren’t willing to stay on the network without PoW mechanism. “U Today”

·       A new Dogecoin scam is circulating on Twitter. “U Today”

·       Vitalik Buterin claims that proof-of-work forks are unlikely to gain a lot of traction. “U Today”

·       Alleged BTC-e operator faces charges of money laundering and other crimes in US court. “Bitcoin News”

·       A newly published report states that in the first half of 2022 more than 30 billion dollars have been invested in crypto startups. “Bitcoin News”

·       Central bank of Nepal prepares the legal ground for a national digital currency. “Bitcoin News”

·       The founder of Binance has met with the leader of the Central African Republic. “Bitcoin News”

·       Dogecoin creator is not sure if BTC is progressing. “U Today”

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