$160 Million Stolen from Wintermute

·       After a series of critics spoke harshly regarding decentralized autonomous organizations, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin defends DAOs against critics.

·       OpenSea to allow creators to host NFT drops directly through its homepage.

·       Oman’s Indian embassy Twitter account compromised to promote XRP scam.

·       Alameda Research trading company has announced that they will pay back the $200 million loan to Voyager Digital.

·       The CEO of Wintermute stated that he is willing to speak to the hacker who stole 160 million dollars from this platform.

·       US Congress demands crypto payments notification from State Department when helping Ukraine.

·       A hacker took over the Twitter account of CoinDCX promoting fake XRP ads.

·       The legal case between Ripple and SEC is headed toward conclusion after summary judgement filed.

·       The US federal government is going to implement the biggest Federal rate increase in 40 years.

·       Draft US Stablecoin bill would ban new algo Stablecoins for 2 years.

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